A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch

beautiful blue death
*murdering maid won’t keep dirty secrets*

Charles Lennox can’t refuse his dear friend Lady Jane Grey when she begs him to investigate the murder of housemaid, even though it occurred in another’s home. Prudence Smith had at one time been employed by Lady Jane and had only sought a new situation to be near her fiance, now she’s dead and Jane feels responsible for letting her go. Once Charles begins to look into matters, it’s clear that very little is what it had seemed to be and there’s a bigger mystery than who killed Prue.

There are clues that observant readers might put together for a good guess at the final solution but it’s much more fun to let Charles lead you along, step-by-step to the big reveal of whodunnit. A solid Victorian setting and details add to the charm of the mystery.


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