From the Kitchen of Half Truth by Maria Goodin

From the Kitchen of Half Truth

*life is hard -so be kind*

Meg May had a magical childhood, even including some of the tougher times she and her mom had living in a fourth floor flat in London. It’s the fantastical tales her Mom tells of floating in the air after eating feather-light meringues or chasing runner beans around the kitchen that were really just too fast to catch that created the feelings of being special and different and amazing! Then Meg turned eight, the other kids at school turned mean; Meg decided her best chance at being happy was to only believe facts that could be scientifically proven. No more outlandish fantasies for this girl -no way! Now Meg is twenty-one and well on her way to earning her college degree in genetics, with a very logical, practical boyfriend to boot, creating a very straightforward, stable sort of life. Except Meg’s mom is dying. Returning to her mom’s childhood home in Cambridge, Meg wants to make their time together matter-maybe even she can even get her to admit the truth behind some of the more outlandish tales? Or perhaps Meg has a lesson of her own to learn? Could it be the embellished memories make a better past than cold, hard facts?

Meg’s mom has the gift of a wildly vivid imagination and it makes everything around her that much more special -and Meg knows this even when she’s attempting to make her mom stick to verifiable facts. Each of these ladies has a strong and justifiable need for their approach (facts or fantasy) to life -and readers will never feel the need to pick a side or label them as the good one or bad the bad one. Get your tissues out (you’ll need a few) and savor every page of this book that will leave you with plenty to think about for days to come.


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