Wars in Toyland by Joe Harris, Adam Pollina, Brent McCarthy, and Nolan Woodward

Wars in Toyland*war isn’t pretty unless it’s drawn well*

A graphic novel aimed at adults but would be equally appropriate for teens, this book has charm, style, wit, and a message (that isn’t too message-y). Younger brother Matthew follows his toy soldiers into toy box after his big brother Alex goes missing. Having already earned the respect of his toys, Captain Matthew leads his troops through a strange yet familiar landscape in hopes of defeating the evil Rottenstuffs and find his brother. It sounds simple but this gnovel has so much to offer. If you don’t want to consider the underlying moral to the story, feel free to stay on the surface of this book by admiring the artwork and appreciating the puns. Either way, I’m guessing you’ll be like me and find yourself happily surprised by what you find.


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