Aesop’s Fables by John Cech

aesops fables
*learn wisdom with wit and style*

Such simple stores but such big lessons. These thirty-six, one page, restyled classics are easy to browse as well as they can be consumed with gusto. The folk art illustrations add that something extra.


Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander

time cat
*cats are amazing but secretive creatures*

After a pretty rough day for Jason, he’s sent to his room and finds some comfort in sitting with his cat Gareth. When Gareth suddenly begins to speak, it turns out to not be the most surprising event that will occur that day. According to Gareth, cat’s don’t really have nine lives but they can choose a particular person to take to nine different places and times. This is how their adventure begins.

It’s like a little mini-history lesson hidden in the midst of how cats have been revered in various countries and time periods, with a devoted friendship to boot! Anything this author has ever written is worth reading.

Babymouse: The Musical by Jennifer L. Holm

babymouse the musical
*cartoon mice imagines great stage performance*

Babymouse is enchanted by the new student, a hedgehog named Henry Higgins from England. When he suggests they should both try out for the school musical, Babymouse agrees it sounds like a brilliant idea. But even with her very vivid imagination, the stage might not be just right spot for Babymouse to exhibit her talents.

With a never say die attitude, how can readers not love and root for Babymouse, no matter how unrealistic her goals might be? A fun series with great illustrations and references to related topics that could make for some interesting, teachable moments. Such as learning more about the real musical Phantom of the Opera after Babymouse meets the Phantom in her school locker…