Oh, Veronica Mars…

I’m all into the now defunct -but soon to be resurrected!?- television series Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell, Percy Daggs III, Francis Capra… and lots of other fun peeps! In truth? I feel like this could become an unhealthy obsession -if the show had gone more than three seasons for sure! And now that it’s going to be a feature film? I almost feel ahead of the curve! (except I’m really behind the curve by five-ish years, but what’s a few years between friends?) Why did it take me so long to get behind this show? No idea. I’m just glad to be on board *now* -and if you aren’t yet? You might want to join in as well! It’s such a funny, smart, witty show with really interesting characters who make original choices…good stuff!

And if you’d like a suggestion for something to read that has these elements? I encourage you to try Lisa Lutz’s Spellman Files series! Document 6 is coming very, very soon:
The Last Word, by Lisa LutzHopefully helping to hold me over until Veronica Mars the Movie is released? Oh please oh please oh please!

Join me? In my obsession! Or maybe suggest more books/t.v. shows to distract me from the loooong wait? Thanks!